About LFA Recruiters

Lynne Francey & Associates LLC is a professional recruiting firm that caters to the higher education industry. Our objective is to ensure a successful outcome in the interview process, while providing superior service. At Lynne Francey & Associates LLC, we secure the best employment opportunities for prospective job candidates and provide employers with the most qualified professionals higher ed staffing can provide.

Statement of Values

The Lynne Francey & Associates LLC team believes that relationship building is at the core of successful recruiting. We work diligently to learn who our clients are, what they are seeking, and what they offer in a professional setting. Professionalism, integrity, and persistence are integral to the way Lynne Francey & Associates LLC conducts business. Our team has a proven track record of quality service and success that is unrivaled by any competitor.

Our Services

Lynne Francey & Associates LLC offers recruiting and referral services. Our team seeks to pair qualified candidates for executive, upper-management, and supervisory positions with reputable employers. We aim to maximize both candidate and employer value, while minimizing cost-per-hire. At Lynne Francey & Associates LLC, we honor our commitment to providing consistent quality of service to each and every client.

Information for Candidates

If you're looking for a new, exciting position, Lynne Francey & Associates LLC is the firm for you. We will work diligently to find you the position that matches your skill set and professional goals.

Information for Employers

By combining our unparalleled database of seasoned candidates with our extensive screening process, we will deliver to you only those candidates who will make a difference in your organization.

Referral Bonus

Did you know that Lynne Francey & Associates LLC offers a $500 referral bonus to those who provide us with a qualified candidate that we can place in a new position? If you would like to learn more, visit our referral page.

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